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Beginning Again...

There’s something about spring. The earth yawns and warms and we wake up again, we shed our skin, (and exfoliate!). I humbly confess It’s taken me forever to commit to writing this. Because I wanted to sound prolific, and poetic. The idea of perfection requires too much effort and self-editing. In order to be authentic , we simply need to show up, so here I am…

As we transition seasons, I’m taking my cues from nature & the universe. Spring is unedited, and explodes in living color. It awakens my creative vision, and in fact everyone’s. Spring is the ultimate rebirth, and nourishes our creative force, whether we acknowledge it or not.  

Shedding the landscape of winter we emerge and blossom. Nature doesn’t hide its colors and I'm taking my cue to be just as vivid. The season offers us the opportunity to tune in with heart and connect to something larger then ourselves. In the Mauri Pioppo studio, our new Spring/Summer Collection is emerging. 

In a world where bad news or negativity is only a tweet away, I believe grace is an intention we invest in. I like to think I make jewelry that is personal and reflects that grace.