Mauri Pioppo has a long history of creativity and a quest for self-expression. Long before Mauri Pioppo became a designer of jewelry, her life and career choices were shaped by creativity and spirituality. Mauri had a prominent career as a professional modern dancer and choreographer, touring with the legendary Twyla Tharp and other highly-acclaimed choreographers. She used the art of dance to communicate, which soon segued into the study of yoga. Following a vision born from that discipline, Mauri began experimenting with precious metals and stones, and soon discovered the jewelry designer within, providing her with a new way to connect with the world around her.
Her raw and simple original work uses precious metals meant to be worn in a personal and casual way. Mauri shapes collections that reflect the beauty of each individual, through spirituality and inspiration. The designs are rendered in precious metals and stones; but clearly, the element that shines through is the personal meaning that inspires each collection. Mauri’s artistic expressions are personified by the intention to connect with the individual’s true potential, in an effort to help contribute to our planet, it’s beauty, peace, and abundance. One of Mauri’s principal visions is the cultivation of awareness and support for philanthropic foundations.
Her success was catapulted as the press and public alike embraced her work. She has enjoyed having her jewelry showcased with celebrities, including collaborations with known icons Sheryl Crow, Debra Messing, Lena Olin, Kerry Washington and Eric McCormack.